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Cindy Morus Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Automate Early And OftenCindy Morus has been helping businesses grow, increase revenue productivity, streamline processes, and install procedures for over 30 years. From developing a Collections Department when she was 17 to a full-blown mainframe-to-PC training implementation, from developing office automation strategies to internet marketing, she's worked with thousands of businesses - always looking for new solutions and ways automate to their business needs. Her favorite sayings are: "No More Boring, Tedious and Annoying!" and "Let Automation be your hardest working employee!"

“We Work With...”

- Brick and mortar businesses who have hit the ceiling on growth
- Professionals needing to systematize and automate operations before selling their business
- Entrepreneurs who want to spend more time living their lives than running their business

“You Need Us If...”

- You can’t shake that nagging feeling that something very important is falling through the cracks in your business
- You can’t believe how much time and money you or your team members are wasting each and every day doing boring tasks
- You want to expand your product/service offerings through online commerce
- You know you could serve your customers and make more money if you had a system that would automatically follow up with them and let you know when to contact them personally
- Your staff is complaining about the tedious work they have to do over and over and over
- You’ve been struggling with outdated systems not talking to each other, too much manual processing, balls getting dropped, mistakes being made, and clients getting lost
- You’ve been paying for various automation and marketing tools for months or even years but you still can’t find the information you’re looking for
- You know there’s a better way to automate your business, improve client conversion, increase repeat purchases, have happier customers and employees but you just don’t have the time or skill to get it done

Career highlights include:

• Developing a Collections Department when she was 17
• Managing 8-state Computer Systems Support/Training region
• Creating a full-blown mainframe-to-PC training implementation
• Developing office automation strategies for thousands of businesses
• Consulting on Business operations and Marketing automation

Current Certifications Include:

• Infusionsoft Certified Partner
• Certified Online Business Manager
• Reputation Loop for Infusionsoft Certified Partner
• SocialFuse for Infusionsoft Certified Partner


Cindy Morus, Infusionsoft Certified Partner
Cindy Morus Social Fuse Certified Partner
Cindy Morus Reputation Loop Certified Consultant